Monday, June 12, 2006

Comforter Interior Decorating Tips

by Dean Cecere

Comforters are a great way to turn your bed into a more luxurious and comfortable place to sleep. A comforter is basically a luxurious thick, fluffy blanket that people put on their bed to achieve a much higher level of comfort and warmth. They are not exactly like a duvet, as comforters usually have a colour besides white, and quite often have a pattern or print to enhance the appearance of your bed. You can choose from hundreds of styles to find one that will fit the decor of your bedroom. Comforters can also be white like a duvet, and a comforter cover can be added to protect and enhance the appearance of it.

Comforters are usually made of either silk, satin, wool, goose down and a down-like synthetics for those who suffer from allergies, but still want the coziness comforters provide. Comforters are available in different sizes such as twin, double, queen and king comforters. Generally, the larger the size, the more expensive they are, due to the amount of material it is stuffed with. However, the quantity of fill is not the only factor affecting the price. The stitching and thread count, as well as the quality of the fill is also important. Most people prefer a down filled comforter, which you have a variety of down types to choose from including white goose down, Siberian goose down and Hungarian goose down. To determine the quality of comforters, you want to find out the fill power or fill weight, which basically is the number of ounces of fill in the comforter. This number will vary depending on the size of the comforter.

Comforters have a very wide price range, as there are very different qualities to choose from. For some, it might be preferable to have a comforter that is easily reversible, and machine washable. Convenience and durability are always a factor when making a purchase. Another important factor that you will appreciate over time with comforters is their ability to remain fluffy time and time again. The stitching will prevent all of the filler from clumping together causing unevenness. Comforters are a great solution for people who want to create a warm atmosphere in the bed room. There is a downside to comforters as well, especially if you invest in a quality comforter, and the disadvantage there is that you will never want to leave your bed.

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